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Produce accurate forecasts more quickly

Free up tech resources and make real-time updates to finance-owned formulas in the cloud with Logica's smart calculator, powered by a unique visual modeling canvas to enable driver-based financial modeling.

Discover cost savings and revenue opportunities

Thinking of launching new products and expanding revenue channels, or deciding between FTEs versus contractors? Identify operational efficiencies and evaluate growth opportunities with scenario analysis in Logica. Easily compare against your baseline budget to assess return on investment.

Improve team alignment and transparency across the company

Spend less time emailing spreadsheets around with Logica's collaborative planning. Share customizable forms, reports, and dashboards in real-time, with our unique chat feature, all from within Logica. Or share the same views with existing internal analytics and reporting tools in your organization through the Logica API.

Improve hygiene and spend more time on strategy

As the new fiscal year approaches, save time and avoid clerical errors while manually updating spreadsheets, by using Logica's best practice library to accelerate the new annual planning season.

Get the most from your data

Skip the copy/paste and get all your data into one place through secure connections with Logica integrations.

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